Disbursements anywhere with ease

Traditional payment methods can be too slow, expensive and cumbersome. Prepaid cards and gift cards, delivered via mail or digitally via email provide faster and more economical solutions for a variety of programs.

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Accessible corporate payments

Consider this before you write a check for your payment programs: around 1.4 billion adults around the world do not have an active bank account.¹ In the U.S. alone, 24.6 million households are unbanked or underbanked.² To reach these people, prepaid cards are the perfect inclusive alternative for programs like insurance and warranty claims, trade-in payments and security deposit returns.

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Global digital payments insights report

Learn how evolving consumer trends towards digital are influencing payment and reward preference. Is your program ready?

Global Digital Payments Insights

Security deposit returns

As a property manager you have your hands full with day-to-day demands. Streamline security deposit returns at end of a renters lease with our digital payment solutions from Mastercard®.

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Utility incentives and payments

From residential rebates to response incentives, contractor rewards and deposit returns, prepaid cards are a more desirable and economical solution than paper checks. Talk to one of utility incentive experts today.

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Insurance & warranty payments

Streamline your payouts for extended warranty or insurance claims by switching from paper checks to our unique digital solutions.

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Wellness program rewards

Incentive programs work—and programs backed by compelling rewards work even better. Use prepaid cards to encourage lifesaving blood and plasma donations, participation in clinical trials, vaccination drives or even routine testing compliance. Our payment and reward solutions work because people actually enjoy receiving them.

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Class action settlements

Distribute funds for class action claims with the ease and convenience of prepaid cards. Available in virtual or physical formats. Talk to one of our payments experts today.

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