Rewards and incentives for utility companies

So many people go into making a great utility company. At BHN, we’re experts in saying “thanks.” Our incentives, rewards and prepaid products make it easy to do everything from energizing a sales team to thanking a contractor or mailing out rebates to residential customers.

Construction workers

Energize employees with thoughtful rewards

Your employees serve your customers, and it’s not an easy job. Meet your operational goals by identifying moments where incentives can make a difference. For example:

  • On-the-spot - Anyone, at any time, can earn a “thank you” for going above and beyond
  • Peer recognition - Let employees thank each other for great teamwork
  • Safety - Remind your teams that safety is your priority with rewards for safety milestones
  • Anniversaries - Thank your longest-serving employees with anniversary rewards
  • Call centers - Reward great customer service wherever you see it

Call center

Utility contractor rewards

Contractors are key to your success, so set aside time to thank them properly. Offer rebates, incentives and surprise thank-you gifts to the contractors who make your business possible.

worker on walkie talkie