Drive your business, customer, and employee experience

BHN partners across industries including retail, healthcare, technology, and even the public sector to power impactful solutions. Offering a digital platform for the distribution of prepaid products unlocks purchase and delivery through online, mobile, and social channels.

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Meaningful and motivating employee rewards

Keeping your employees and sales teams motivated and engaged is critical to keeping your business moving forward. Our prepaid solutions are the right rewards to attract, engage, and retain employees.

Love Languages in the Workplace: Employee Recognition Ideas that Go Beyond Thank you

Reward your customers with prepaid products that drive loyalty

Reward your customers with prepaid products that drive loyalty. Our prepaid rewards propel your business success with solutions to acquire, engage, and retain customers. Our validation platform allows you to derive rich consumer insights and connections.

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Extend your brand reach and sales with gift cards

Meet consumers where they are shopping in your stores, across our network, and with their digital twins. Gift cards enable not only gifting, but also serve as powerful tools to incentivize purchase, a back-up option for out-of-stock product, reimbursement for returned merchandise, and an apology for a problem or issue.

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Airlines & airports

Airlines can use rewards and incentives to thank their employees and customers, drive sales, promote loyalty, ensure safety, and encourage great service. They can offer prepaid cards, rebates, and apology rewards to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Custom incentives and payments for the automotive industry drive sales, recognize milestones, and build customer loyalty. They motivate employees, reward customers for desired actions, and make a positive impact on sales and service.

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Consumer technology

BHN provides prepaid rewards and incentives solutions for the consumer technology industry, enabling companies to motivate employees, drive sales, and engage customers. These rewards can be offered for various actions such as subscribing, trading in devices, joining free trials, renewing contracts, or adopting paperless billing.

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Energy & utilities

BHN offers rewards and incentives solutions for utility companies. These solutions can be used to energize employees, recognize their achievements, thank contractors, and provide rebates to residential customers.

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Finance & banking

BHN collaborates with top financial institutions in the US and Canadian markets, assisting them in enhancing their loyalty point programs. These banks opt to partner with BHN to expand their marketing solutions and improve customer engagement.

By incorporating gift cards as a reward option through BHN's digital platform, banks can offer a diverse range of curated gift card rewards to customers at a reduced cost. This strategy maximizes the potential of their loyalty point programs and boosts customer participation.

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Government disbursement

BHN offers efficient government disbursement and incentive solutions for state and local government administrators. With their extensive experience of over 20 years, BHN can handle relief payments and incentive programs, allowing administrators to focus on their important work without the burden of extensive program management. Our size, scale, and stability make us a reliable choice for most government program needs.

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Health insurance funds can utilize prepaid reward cards and incentives to motivate and inspire customers and employees. Rewards can be offered to agents for performance and to members for actions such as switching plans, acquiring new members, and showing appreciation. Modern payment options like prepaid cards and eCodes can simplify payment distribution.

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BHN provides hotels and resorts with prepaid cards and rewards that add a personal touch to their hospitality services. These products enable establishments to recognize exceptional efforts and cultivate a culture of excellent service. They can be used to express gratitude or apologize to guests, allowing for a customized response to different situations.

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BHN specializes in helping retail businesses drive customer acquisition, growth, and employee loyalty. They offer a variety of gift card options, including branded and third-party cards, as well as bulk options. Additionally, BHN provides prepaid cards and rewards to encourage loyalty program sign-ups, offer rebates, and apologize when needed.

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BHN specializes in providing prepaid cards and rewards to help telecom companies effectively communicate with their customers. These solutions can be utilized to incentivize employees and customers, drive sales, build loyalty, encourage contract renewals, and address service issues.

Rewards can be offered to customers for actions such as switching to paperless billing, trading in older handsets for the latest models, renewing contracts, or as an apology for any problems encountered. BHN's expertise in the rewards and incentives space enables telecom companies to enhance their communication strategies and achieve their business goals.

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