Send money anywhere in Australia with ease

Traditional payment methods can be too slow, expensive and cumbersome. Prepaid cards and gift cards, delivered via mail or digitally via email provide faster and more economical solutions for a variety of programs.

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Digital Reward Strategy Preparedness Kit

Delivering digital rewards like virtual prepaid cards or eGifts is one of the fastest, cost-efficient ways to deliver the right rewards that today’s recipients prefer. Emailed rewards provide consumers nearly instant access to their reward experience and spending choice.

digital strategy preparedness kit

Insurance & warranty payments

Streamline your payouts for extended warranty or insurance claims by switching from paper cheques to our unique digital solutions, including filtered prepaid cards designed to drive spend back to your merchants.

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Class action lawsuits

Distribute funds for class action claims with the ease and convenience of prepaid cards or gift cards. Available in digital or physical formats. Talk to one of our payments experts today.

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Refunds and Disbursements

Disburse refunds via a unique and engaging way by utilising BHN's expertise in the disbursements and refunds space. Utilise store cards to deliver a more engaging customer interaction and a more economical commercial outcome for your organisation.

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