Real-time customer appeasements

Delivering customer gratification and appeasement payments instantly in real-time to your customers. Use BHN’s instant customer appeasements solutions to help retain your customers over their full lifecycle.

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Solve customer complaints in real-time with our pre-paid solutions

We offer a range of proven solutions for when speed really matters, and with solutions that are pre-paid , there is no need for a collection of personal bank details –  reducing your administration efforts.

Personalise your payments to further strengthen brand loyalty, with timely delivery that is fully auditable. 

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Cut the cost of solving customer complaints

Compensation & goodwill gestures.

Whether managing product complaints, rate rise notices, or to simply say ‘sorry’.

Turn the negative customer experience into a positive engagement with your brand by offering instant appeasement and gratification payments directly to your customer in real-time.

Customer Appeasement