Hit revenue goals with motivating sales incentives

Let’s be honest: sales people are motivated by earning commissions. But they are also human, so compelling rewards can incent them to meet and exceed their goals. Rewards including prepaid cards from Mastercard® and Visa* or merchant gift cards can be the extra boost they need to really move the needle.

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Move more of your products

It’s challenging to motivate channel sales partners to sell your products instead of your competitors’. That’s why you need a solid incentive strategy that offers desirable rewards. Reward cards can attract and keep their eyes on the prize, so make sure they are a significant part of your channel sales plan.

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Keep them dialing for dollars

If you rely on a call center to generate sales, you know that even your top performers value incentives that reward them for meeting sales goals. BHN offers an expansive range of exciting products to provide the perfect rewarding experience for deserving employees. From favourite brands to exclusive offerings, we have you covered with Mastercard or Visa Prepaid Cards or our very own Blackhawk Originals™ line.

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