Rewards solutions for health insurance funds

Motivating and rewarding healthy behaviour can make a big difference in peoples’ lives. Our selection of prepaid reward cards and incentives are designed to motivate and inspire your customers and employees.

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Motivate and inspire with agent rewards

Your agents are out there every day working to build a client list and generate business. Thank and reward them with our prepaid reward options. Offer a reward to the best-performing agents—or hand out rewards for anyone who drives amazing volume. 

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Great rewards for members of your health insurance plans

Grow your customer base and increase customer loyalty by offering amazing rewards for:

● Switching health insurance plans

● Acquisition of new members

● Saying thank you to your existing members

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Payments options for health insurance funds

It's time to modernize. When you need to distribute payments to members, send out prepaid cards. They're easier to administer and recipients love them.

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