Loyalty programs banks want

BHN provides services to some of the leading financial institutions in the United States and Canada.  While these banks offer cash-back incentives and statement credits, they have chosen to partner with BHN in order to expand their marketing solutions and enhance their loyalty point programs through the incorporation of gift cards as a reward option.

By utilizing our extensive digital platform to carefully curate a selection of gift card rewards, our banking partners are able to increase customer engagement by offering gift card values at a fraction of their cost, thus maximizing the potential of their loyalty point programs.

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We work with North America’s top banks

BHN knows banking! We partner with 9 of the top 10 financial institutions across the U.S. and Canada. We understand your business and we know how to make your rewards program more rewarding- for both you and your customers. 

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Gift cards cost you less

We give our bank clients a wholesale discount on all gift cards. So when one of your customers trades points for a $50 gift card, it won’t cost your bank $50-which can quickly add up to significant savings for your program.

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Better rewards mean better loyalty

Yes, BHN offers an incredible selection of gift cards. But we’re also able to easily curate just the rewards you want-from national brands to the local and regional brands your customers love. Reward your customers by making it easy for them to redeem their credit card points for the perfect gift card!

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You get a new revenue stream, too

Gift cards aren’t just for loyalty programs. As a partner of BHN, you’ll have the option of letting customers purchase gift cards right from their chequing account. They’ll love the convenience, and you’ll love having another source of revenue

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