Our solutions

Blackhawk Network champions flexibility and convenience with options like prepaid gift cards, incentive programmes and digital payments, enabling businesses and buyers access and ease when spending money. By partnering with thousands of brands across hundreds of thousands of locations, including major retailers and the leading banks, BHN is able to reach and serve customers worldwide.

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Gift cards & eGifts

BHN's optimal gift card and eGift management capabilities, which are scalable for specific business needs, allows for businesses to sell their own branded gift cards and third party gift cards both in-store and online. Boasting an extensive network and industry-leading experience, BHN offers smart ideas to help businesses build and grow their gift card library.

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Rewards & incentives

BHN's robust rewards and incentives programmes stand on their own, outperforming other programmes by 30%.¹ Recognise important company milestones and objectives such as new acquisitions, morale boosts and anniversaries by offering reward options that customers, employees and sales teams truly desire.

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Employee benefits

BHN’s employee benefits solutions are used by organisations across the UK to help them attract and keep the best people, contribute towards employee health and wellbeing, and encourage positive values.

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Payment solutions

We offer innovative, flexible and cost-effective payment solutions that met a range of needs better than traditional payment methods. We can help with corporate payouts, settlements & appeasements and public sector disbursements. Connect with BHN now to see how we can help.

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