Sep 30, 2021

eBook: The Personas of Gift Card Buyers

This year, Blackhawk Network looked at thousands of respondents from across the US and around the world to better understand their gift card buying habits. Where do they buy? What occasions do they buy for? What are their card type preferences?

The answers to these questions (and many more) will help you better engage with your gift card buyers-and grow your gift card program.

And it’s all in our new ebook, The Personas of Gift Card Buyers. Download it today and meet:

  • Melissa, the Multi-Brand Gifter
  • Sarah, the Single-Brand Gifter
  • Owen, the Open-Loop Gifter

Looking for more info on how COVID-19 has changed gift card buying habits? This ebook has that, too.

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Of course, if you want to start growing your gift card program today, just reach out to a Blackhawk Network expert at 866.219.7533.