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Deliver exclusive reward experiences your recipients can’t find anywhere else. We offer premium multi-store rewards that give your employees or customers a fun, targeted experience.

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MAX Card

We created MAX Card to help you easily find a great reward that anyone can enjoy. Accepted online and in-store at dozens of popular retailers, and restaurants, and entertainment, MAX Card is perfect for pleasing large groups.

● Add your logo, custom card design and recipient personalization

Digital Mastercard

Happy card gift cards

Treat your recipients to an experience with our exclusive new series of Happy Cards. Each themed gift card features popular retail, restaurant and entertainment brands—giving your recipients the freedom to eat, shop and enjoy at any or all participating brands on the card.

● Cards feature a variety of brands

● In-store, on site and online redemption

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Wayspa® gift card

One card. Endless spa and salon options. Our Wayspa card shows you value the wellness and well-being of your recipients. Many people are reluctant to spend money on luxury services, so let them get pampered without worrying about the cost.

● Accepted at hundreds of spas and salons across Canada

● Digital or physical options

● Revise card image/branding

Wayspa card

Create a tailored prepaid card

Looking for an incentive card that is customized to support your program goals? Choose the Preferences® Prepaid Card, powered by DirectSpend, which lets you determine exactly where the funds can be spent. Create a card specifically for pet lovers, healthcare plan members, travel aficionados or any other custom experience.

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Create a Custom Prepaid Card with DirectSpend

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Co-branded or fully custom design (carrier, envelope)

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Filter by specific merchants, category or country code
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Mastercard®, Visa*

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