Driving automotive success

Whether you are looking to boost sales, increase uptake of aftersales services or attract and retain the best people for your workforce, our flexible range of reward-based incentives will meet your needs.

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Solutions that accelerate results

At BHN we have the experience, platforms, infrastructure and knowledge to deliver solutions that address key business challenges for the automotive sector:

● Acquiring and retaining sales talent

● Engaging customers across their journey from purchase to service and trade-in

● Building long-lasting, fulfilling relationships with staff and customers

● Meeting the demands of the fast-changing automotive market

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Skoda & BHN: 42% Sales Boost

We chose BHN as the partner to support our new car sales objectives at Skoda, resulting in a return of 42% uplift in sales in our most recent campaign together. Blackhawk meets our needs as a supplier we can work with across multiple areas of our business. They understand what we are trying to achieve and provide flexible solutions that help us add value to the customer relationship while supporting sales targets.

- Skoda

42% increase in sales uplift statistic