Jun 16, 2021

Global Digital Payments Insights Report

Global Digital Payments Insights Report

The last year has driven a shift to online shopping, which now accounts for over 30% of retail sales in the UK. Here at Blackhawk Network we believe this presents a huge opportunity for retailers who get the digital payment experience right.

We recently conducted research which showed shoppers spend more money with retailers that offer a wide range of digital payment methods, such as digital wallets, gift cards and rewards.

As we start to hit a stride in our economic recovery, businesses need to ensure they can cater to the digital preferences of shoppers. Our new report, ‘Global Digital Payments Insights’, provides insights to help retail brands attract customers and boost revenues via a robust digital payment strategy.  

The report covers:

  • The surge in shopper engagement with retailers that offer digital payments: 69% of digital wallet users reported shopping more often and 54% spend more money at retailers where they can use digital payments.
  • The growth in QR codes payment tools: 18% of respondents used a QR code or barcode for the first time during the pandemic and 40% report using them more frequently.
  • Shoppers are turning to gift cards: In the UK 25% of respondents reported purchasing a physical or digital gift card for themselves in the last year. 
  • Top opportunities for digital wallet adoption: In the UK 43% of shoppers would use digital payments more if they got something out of it.

Find out more by downloading the report today.